The customer consultation is the first step in the process and what I consider to be the most important step in the septic system design. This is the step where we send our designer to meet with the property owner on site to review the site and take into consideration any additional information that can be provided that might influence the design. No one is trying to pry or violate anyone’s privacy during this step. It is just that it is very important that a system is designed that is adequate to support the homeowners lifestyle and that it reliably lasts for many years. This is also the time for the homeowner to ask questions and get an understanding of what the design options are.  If you choose to move forward with a site evaluation while we are there for the consultation then we will credit the money spent on the consultation towards the official site evaluation.

The financial impact that a septic system has on a property owner needs to remain in the forefront of the decision making and design process. Everyone wants the least expensive solution and that is usually one that just meets the minimum standards. As much as I appreciate this method I also believe that the customer should have any alternatives explained since any improvements should be made at the very beginning during the design phase since this is almost always the time to get the most for your money. The cost of going back to an already designed and installed system is usually substantially more than if it had been done during the initial design and installation.

There is no harm in asking questions and exploring all the options. Understanding the restrictions imposed on the septic system due to the lot characteristics is important so that you can decide how to proceed. Having a septic system installed or modified is a big expense and with proper planning you can get the best value available and avoid issues down the road. Sometimes it seems like a daunting process but once you know what needs to be done, and in what order, it then becomes much easier to accomplish. Give us a call and let us help you through getting your septic system designed or modified and permitted. We have created some pages on this website to help explain the steps so feel free to have a look. Please post any questions on our Facebook page and we will do our best to answer so that the question and answer may help others as well.

Topics which can and should be discussed:

  • State requirements which are provided by TCEQ.
  • County requirements which are recorded in the county order if there are any.
  • Size of the property. Bring a copy of the latest survey to the consultation if available.
  • Intended use of the property. Bring a copy of any building floor plan if available.
  • Future use of the back yard. Do you plan to have an edible plant garden, a pool, or pets in the back yard?
  • Will the system require disinfection? If yes, do you want to use tablets or liquid bleach?
  • Is there a plan to add any water wells for irrigation?
  • Are there plans to expand on the house size or to add a second home?