The customer consultation is step two in the design process but what I consider to be the most important step in the septic design process. This is the step where the site evaluator, installer, and/or designer meet with the property owner to review the site evaluation and take into consideration any additional information that can be provided that might influence the design. No one is trying to pry or violate anyone’s privacy during this step. It is just that it is very important that a system is designed that is adequate to support the homeowners lifestyle and that it reliably lasts for many years. This is also the time for the homeowner to ask questions and get an understanding of what the design options are.

Topics to discuss:

  • Future use of the yard. Pool?
  • Pets in the back yard?
  • Will the system require disinfection? Tablet or liquid?
  • Is there a plan to add any water wells for irrigation?
  • Are there plans to expand on the house size or to add a second home?