Permit Process

The permitting process varies by authorized agent but they should all start basically the same way.

The first step is to contact a licensed site evaluator that will visit your site and perform soil testing.  It is really helpful to have had some sort of consultation either before or during the site evaluation.  This consultation will help you, the site evaluator, and the designer create the most cost effective solution for you.

The second step is for the designer to create the septic design that best fits your needs and meets the requirements set forth by the site evaluator’s report.

The third step is to prepare the paperwork for the permit application.  This is where variations of the process come in to play. Some authorized agents require paper submission at their office and others allow the application to be submitted online with credit card payment.  The person that designed the septic system can usually be hired to run the permit as well for an additional fee.  If you choose to just hire out the site evaluation and design but run the permit yourself then you can reach out to the authorized agent with any questions as to their process.